Green House Leads At CPS

As the heats activities continue at the Charlestown Primary School, Green house has taken a clear lead, in terms of the house points standings.

Top placers at CPS junior cross country events on Friday 6th February
Top placers at CPS junior cross country events on Friday 6th February

This after the very exciting cross country events for junior boys and girls were held on Friday 6th February.

The boys and girls from grades 3 to 6 excited the sizeable crowd of parents, siblings and other family members who showed up to witness the action.

The general route utilized, commenced at the back of the school, down through Ramsbury, making a right turn across by the Multi Line Services office, down towards the Maude Cross Prep school; across by the Lawrences’ residence; straight up the road and making a left turn by the Wiltshires’ residence and heading back to the school.

The children were encouraged all along the way as the various supporters placed themselves strategically along the route.

At the end of the day, the top results were as follows:

CPS Cross country results-Friday 6th February.
Junior boys Grades 3 and 4
1 Cjante Griffin-Green
2 Jeran Webbe Green
3 Remigio Powell Jr Green
4 Jariel Heisell Blue
5 Ti-Koy Williams Red

Junior girls Grades 3 and 4
1 Sarah Ghandeo Red
2 Rashida Martin Green
3 Sabrina Harriar Red
4 Thelisha Walters Blue
5 Areyana Challenger Green

Junior boys Grades 5 and 6
1 Jahlique Tyson Blue
2 Zidane Hull Green
3 Tishaun Newton Blue
4 Aushaun Gonzaley Blue
5 J’Quan Athanaze Green

Junior girls Grades 5 and 6
1 Anihra Wilkes Blue
2 Ni’shyra Elliot Green
3 Kaliyah Jones Red
Netaliah Henry Red
Ajonique Newton Red

Updated scores
Green house –934 points
Red house -884 points
Blue house –874 points

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