The Gingerland Secondary School commenced its athletic season with a cross country relay on Tuesday 30th January.

The senior boys and girls commenced the open race together at the school’s gate and proceeded across to Brino’s Shop, making a left into the newly paved road at Hullground; through hard Times and up the dreaded 16 acres incline.

They then proceeded towards Zetlands and then onto the main raod, back to the school.

The final results were as follows:

Senior boys

1st Red house-17.59

2nd Blue House-19:00

3rd Green house-20.05

Senior girls

1st Blue house-23.34

2nd Red house-25.34

3rd Green house-31.16

Junior boys

1st Blue house-20.48

2nd Green house-21.32

3rd Red house –Red 23:10

Junior girls

1st Green House-23.15

2nd Blue house-24.48

3rd Red house-25.00

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