GT United Overcome Highlights in Cliff Hanger

Open mike commentator Michael WISE Herbert, predicted very early that ‘it will come down to the final ball of the match’ and so it did.  He later said that he was not a prophet, ‘just a Bush doctor.’

It was Wednesday, October 16th, and the action was at the ET Willet Park, as the Sports Department/Development Bank Tape Ball Cricket league, continued with GT United (the Guyanese team), coming up against the Highlights team.

Highlights showed up this time with a full team, including the additions of Police officer Laborde, Gavin BULF Wattley and Eddison Parris.

Highlights won the toss and elected to bat and eventually got to a competitive 90 at the end of 10 overs, with Laborde unbeaten on 53 and Gavin Wattley also batted impressively.

The GT United team got off to a steady start, but with the wickets of Skipper Anand and Alvin, things started to look dicey.

The experienced Captain Wendell MICEY Wallace, opted to bowl the 8th over and was immediately launched for two maximums and a boundary by the aggressive Rakeesh, to even up the equation.  The penultimate over was bowled by BULF and he too was launched like a skyrocket by Rakeesh and then gave away five wides.

The Highlights team suddenly looked deflated.

Skipper Wallace opted to bowl the final over with only four runs needed. It was a big ask, but if anyone could do it, MICEY could.  Shockingly his first two balls to Rakeesh, were dot balls and then bowled him with his third delivery.

Game on!

Interestingly, JIMBO David and another batsman strode to the crease to replace him.

There was some confusion, as both batsmen refused to come off. Eventually, JIMBO prevailed and he struck the fourth delivery for one run and a slight misfield allowed the batsmen to scamper back for a second.  The fourth ball he drove for an easy single-scores tied and one run required for victory from the final ball.  Sharma drove hard but straight to BULF, who dropped the catch and the batsmen raced through for the winning run.

What a game!

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