Inquest finds death of Philo Wallace to be ‘justifiable homicide’-Officer Kaylin walks free


(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)- In the inquest that was conducted in the shooting death of young cricketer, Philo Wallace, on Thursday, March 10, 2016, a five- member jury panel returned a not guilty verdict against the police officer who shot and killed the teenaged cricket star. Philo was murdered in the wee hours of Saturday, October 17, 2015 at Enrique’s Bar in Charlestown.

In her summation, Magistrate Yasmine Clarke ruled that the death was justifiable homicide, meaning that the officer acted in self defense. This means that the officer will not be criminally charged.

Reports reaching this media house indicated that the officer was present at Enrique’s when a fight broke out. In an attempt to separate persons in the altercation, he was physically attacked by a group of men one of whom struck him in his head with a bottle. It is alleged that the officer noted that the decease was pointing an object towards him, and being terrified for his life, shot him in the process. Reports indicated that the officer allegedly stated that the victim was not one of the persons who brutally attacked him. It was reported that additional persons gave similar evidence during the inquest.

There was a huge outcry by the general public shortly after the young cricketer’s demise. Many persons took to the social media and vented their frustrations. Father of the casualty, Mr. Raphael ‘Raffie’ Wallace stated prior to the inquest that he would not rest until justice was served.

After the verdict, many persons again took to social media to vent against the verdict.

Efforts were made to contact Mr. Wallace after the verdict but proved futile.


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