Library Summer Program Deemed a Success

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-The 28th annual library summer program coordinated by the Nevis Public Library, concluded with a brief ceremony on Friday 18th August. The program commenced on Wednesday 9th August.

The one week and a half program, which was a part of the Public Library’s summer environmental awareness program, was held at the Charlestown Methodist church conference hall, under the theme “Our country, our people, our future.’

The sub theme utilized, was ‘strengthening our tourism industry, by preserving our history: A look at the forts.’

The closing ceremony was ably chaired by Miss Shoya Lawrence and commenced with an invocation and the national anthem, which was sung by all present, who included the over fifty children who participated in the program and some of their adoring parents and other family members.

Brief remarks were delivered by Mr. Kevin Barrett, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, who congratulated the Library staff on their continued innovations in educating the children and making learning fun. He revealed that by just listening to some of the information provided, he had learnt a thing or two about forts previously utilized on Nevis.

He further advised the children to make good use of what they had learnt during the program.

Chief Librarian, Miss Anatasia Parris, gave an exciting overview of the program, noting that the focus was on the Forts, previously utilized on Nevis and the children were given relevant information and even visited some of the sites.

The highlight of the week however, was a trip to Brimstone Hill in St.Kitts, which was tiring, but a truly great experience for the children.

She thanked her volunteers, her staff and the parents who had all united in making the program a successful one, for the children.

Interspersed with the speeches, some of the children delivered original poems/speeches which made reference to the forts and their experience in learning over the one and a half week period.

The children then all received their certificates and then they sang lustily, the theme song for the program, which was written by Curtis Morton.

The vote of thanks, which was brief and to the point, was presented by Miss Vera Browne.

Immediately after the ceremony, all present were able to view the wonderful craft items created by the children, which included replicas of forts.

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