Local Driver Wants Safety Measures to Be Put In Place

Charlestown, Nevis: Annelise Leibbrandt, is thanking God for saving her from possible tragedy, as she was able to survive a horrific road accident on Monday, August 26, 2019.

According to Annelise, who is a local Pastry chef, she was driving from Butlers towards Zion village that morning and somewhere in the New River area, she spotted a lot of stones and gravel in the road, which were deposited by a truck, carrying aggregate.  She applied brakes and the vehicle started to slide. She completely lost control.  The vehicle ended on the opposite side of the road, where it slammed against a culvert, flipped over onto its roof and came to a standstill.  Annelise managed to release her seatbelt and crawl to safety.

She has publicly expressed thanks to the kind-hearted farmers in the New River area, who came to her aid and actually called the Police to the scene.

Annelise was taken to the Alexandra Hospital for an assessment of her injuries and was kept overnight for observation since having a concussion was a real possibility.  She stated that her injuries were minor, although she suffered a few scratches and cuts; some bruises; whiplash to the neck and a nasty blow to the head.  She was released from the hospital on Tuesday 27th August.

Annalise, however, is calling on the authorities to ensure that certain safety procedures are in place, especially regarding the trucks that transport aggregate on the public roads.  The spilling of such aggregate has proven to be dangerous, and she definitely does not want anyone else to suffer a similar fate.

Her vehicle is a total write–off, but Ms. Leibbrandt is thanking God for her life.

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