Ministry of Health Conducts Successful Nurse Managers’ Leadership Retreat

Basseterre, St. Kitts, [Ministry of Health] – The Ministry of Health held a Nurse Managers’ Leadership Retreat, today 3rd of August. The gathering focused on further developing the leadership skills of nurse managers, cultivating more robust collaborative practices, and streamlining their approach toward the philosophy of nursing and effective meeting management.

L-R: Curtis Martin; Dr. Rondalyn Bradshaw

The retreat was facilitated by Mr. Curtis Martin a Training and Development Specialist attached to the Prime Minister’s Office. Known for his innovative approaches to leadership and team development, Mr. Martin lent his expertise to help mold the future of nursing leadership within the Ministry.

Dr. Patrick Martin, a physician and advisor to the Ministry of Health, shared his insights on Effective Meeting Management with the twenty nurses participating in the retreat.

Dr. Rondalyn Bradshaw, the Principal Nursing Officer, delved into the core Philosophy of Nursing, exploring its evolution and its implications on current and future practice. She emphasized the importance of empathy, compassion, and continual learning as indispensable elements in the nursing profession.

Finally, Mrs. Kerry Williams-Tucker, Director of Institutional-Based Nursing Services, delivered a compelling presentation on being a leader versus being a manager. She shared practical strategies to ensure the nurse managers identified the needed skills to become better managers.

The retreat served as an opportunity for the leaders within the Ministry of Health to not only expand their knowledge and skills but also network with their peers, fostering a shared vision and harmony. The initiative is a testament to the Ministry’s commitment to improving the quality of health services and patient care by enhancing the leadership capabilities of its nursing professionals.

In the words of Dr. Rondalyn Bradshaw, “The nursing profession is a cornerstone of our healthcare system. By empowering our nursing leaders through initiatives like this retreat, we are setting the foundation for improved patient care and a healthier nation.”

The Ministry of Health extends its heartfelt gratitude to the facilitator and presenters, whose invaluable contributions have set a precedent for future leadership initiatives.

About the Ministry of Health:

The Ministry of Health provides high-quality health services that are accessible, equitable, and sustainable. We are committed to improving the nation’s health and well-being by fostering a healthcare environment that puts patients first, encouraging research and innovation, and nurturing future healthcare leaders.


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