National Hurricane Center keeping eye on 4 tropical waves, including 2 in Caribbean

Source : TC Palm
Seven days into the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season and there are no disturbances being shown on the National Hurricane Center’s tropical outlook map.

No new tropical cyclones are expected to develop over the next seven days.

Forecasters are keeping an eye on four tropical waves, though, and two of the waves are in the Caribbean.

➤ Excessive rainfall forecast

The next storm of the season will be Bret.

What’s out there and where are they?

Tropical Wave 1: A tropical wave is located southwest of Cabo Verde. It’s moving west at 18 mph. Exact location: between 28W and 35W and from 02N to 09N.

Tropical Wave 2: Another tropical wave is located north of French Guiana. It’s moving west at 18 mph. Exact location: between 50W and 56W and from 05N to 09N.

Tropical Wave 3: A tropical wave in the Caribbean Sea is located north of Venezuela and south of the Dominican Republic. It’s moving west at 13 mph. Exact location: 70W and extending south from 13N.

Tropical Wave 4: A second tropical wave in the Caribbean is located east of Nicaragua. It’s moving west at 11 mph. Exact location: 82W and extending south from 14N.

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