Nevis Pan Ensemble Impacts St. Maarten

By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Representatives of the Nevis Pan Ensemble, left Nevis on Friday 7th July, 2017 en route to St. Maarten.

Dynamic leader of the group, Mr. Rohan Claxton, explained that his group had received a special invitation, courtesy of the Gun Slingers Pan orchestra of St. Maarten.

He referred to the trip as a promotional tour. It is the group’s second trip, and one which was celebrating the Gunslingers-another pan revolution 2017.

He indicated that a similar trip was made in 2015.

The group was scheduled to feature at a grand event on the evening of Saturday 8th July in French St. Maarten. Also featuring would have been the Gunslingers pan orchestra and Flavour J out of Trinidad, along with some local acts.

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