Charlestown-Nevis-Two youthful Nevisian Calypsonians excelled during Sugar Mas’ 46 and have actually created records in their own right.

Terron INVINCIBLE Webbe, the current Culturama Junior Calypso King, comprehensively won the Schools’ Junior Calypso show, which was held on the evening of Friday 8th December and King Sookie also won the Junior Calypso crown, in a show held on Tuesday 26th December.

In winning the coveted crown, INVINCIBLE created a brand new record in securing the prestigious title for three consecutive years.

Asked about his stage name, young Webbe, indicated that as child growing up, he was always fascinated by the super heroes and how in the end, they always won and so he took the name INVINCIBLE as a demonstration of his desire to always win.

The competitors represented various schools across the federation within the age group category of 9 to 12 years.

He won with a song entitled ‘Social Media Addiction,’ incidentally, the same song he won with during Culturama 2017.

‘I interacted with the audience and they reacted well to me and that’s what gave me the extra points, said Webbe.

He also had warm commendations and kudos to extend to his current writer, the man HERO, out of Montserrat.

King Sookie, on the other hand, is a record breaker himself.

He indicated that he started singing in the youth arena in Nevis, in 2013.

“My mom and I were home one night, listening the radio and out of the blue she just asked me if I wanted to try my hand at calypso. I said ‘who me and I am afraid of crowds? Well, she helped me and the rest is history,” he said.

He noted that he has won the Junior Calypso crown in Nevis four times-2013; 2014; 2015 and 2016. In 2017, when he was heading for an unprecedented five-peat, he was displaced by INVINCIBLE and he was placed first runner up.

Add to that, two community based crowns: Kaiso King for Winfes 2017 and St. Thomas’ festival 2017.

He also tried his hand in the junior Calypso competition in St.Kitts as follows: In 2013 he did not secure a place but he said he was not dispirited and vowed to return. In 2014, he won the junior Calypso crown in St.Kitts; in 2015 he placed 1st runner up, a mere two points behind the winner and in 2016, he placed 1st runner up, a mere six points behind the eventual winner.

This year, for Sugar Mas’ 46, he won over the guy who had beaten him in the last two years, ‘by a lot more points,’ he said.

He was proud to indicate that his lone writer over the years, has been his mom, who has supported him all the way.

He is now at that ripe ‘old’ age that he now has to quit the junior Kaiso arena and is preparing himself for the new challenge for Culturama 2018, when he plans to challenge the senior calypsonians on Nevis, for the first time.

‘I know it’s gonna be a real challenge, having to sing two songs and all that but I am up to the challenge,’ he said.

Congratulations are in order for the two young calypsonians.

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