Nevispages salutes Mr. Randy Jeffers as one of its ‘Persons of the Year, 2014’

By: St. Clair Sazam Hull

Mr. Randy Jeffers is a visionary driven by a desire to succeed. He is down-to-earth, well respected and is well known to the masses. Where entrepreneurs are concerned in the Federation of St. Christopher and Nevis, he is definitely among the elites, soaring on his motto that the sky is the limit in terms of potential success.

Mr. Randy Jeffers
Mr. Randy Jeffers

Jeffers was born in Low Street Charlestown Nevis on September 12, 1983. His father, the late Desmond Tyson, was of Nevis’ most prominent businessmen. Jeffers received his formal education at the Charlestown Primary School then advanced later on to the Charlestown Secondary School. Like many other hugely-successful businessmen, he was something of a genius as a child. He was capable of adding up large numbers right in his head and onlookers often thought that he was a mathematical wizard. At the age of twelve (12) while most children his age were reading comic books, Jeffers took up part-time employment with Llewellyn ‘Sunshine’ Caines at Sunshine’s Bar and Grill. This move he embraced wholeheartedly and it went on to shape his life.

The job at Sunshine Beach Bar and Grill permitted Jeffers to learn the inner workings of the restaurant business and when he graduated from school, he became a full-time employee. Jeffers was effective and efficient and had the innate ability to get along well with people. As a result his employer handed him the responsibility to oversee the rest of the staff in his absence.

Jeffers is of the perspective that once a person is making a major contribution to a business, at some point in time one should aspire to be a shareholder. With this in mind when his former employer Sunshine was moving his restaurant from its designated spot to its new location, Jeffers indicated to him that they should enter into a partnership. His boss declined and this compelled Jeffers to make a bold decision to open his own business.

Jeffers said that he was cognizant that he was getting into a competitive arena, but he also knew that competition can be combated with proper planning, innovation and creativity and he went on his mission to accomplish his goal. In July of 2008 ‘LIME BEACH BAR and GRILL’ was opened to the public and the young entrepreneur noted that it was probably the most thrilling time of his life. Interestingly, Jeffers had bigger dreams and felt as though he could contribute to the tourism sector in different ways. He took up the initiative to bring tourists over from St. Kitts to Nevis and giving them tours around the island. He is of the view that this has been a success for him because since he started over 500 persons have being transported. Despite this achievement he still believes that a lot more can be done by the Ministry of Tourism to enhance the numbers.

Jeffers is of the belief, that Nevis needs to employ someone to work on behalf of the Tourism Ministry in St. Kitts to promote day trips to Nevis and the same thing needs to be done on St. Kitts. Jeffers notes, “I think it can be beneficial for both islands if they employ a person or persons to push this agenda by working hand in hand together”. He thinks that both islands can benefit tremendously if they team up together and share their ideas.

Jeffers also believes that Nevis has what it takes to attract high end tourists similar to those who frequent St. Barts. He believes however, that a few things need to be put in place such as high end stores and upscale jewelry shops.

Jeffers’ name is also highly popular with pageantry. His story about how he started in that arena is amazing. He indicated that he only got involved in that field after observing Ms. Jamilla Parris competing in Miss Culture 2005. He thought that the limitless talents of Ms. Parris needed to be displayed on a bigger stage in a bigger contest. He said that he was in the audience at the Miss Culture Pageant 2005 and was blown away by her performance. He continued, “I was amused by the performance she displayed to those in attendance and I thought to myself maybe it was a bit unfair to her not to compete against other persons from different territories. So when the show was over and she was crowned I was determined to give her an opportunity to win another crown”. Jeffers stated that at the time he thought that Jamilla would be a great ambassador and an outstanding representative for Nevis.

He indicated that he then spoke to a few persons about hosting a pageant and they thought it was a great idea and that is how ‘Miss Caribbean Culture Queen Pageant’ came into being. That pageant is now held annually as part of Culturama.

Jeffers indicated that like most other things they had a few setbacks with the inaugural show. He said, “We were trying to make it the most unforgettable show ever in Nevis and we had a few hiccups like a late start that we were trying our best to avoid. However, I have learnt in life things don’t usually go as planned and perfection is the most difficult thing to attain”. However, Ms. Jamilla Parris was the first person to win the title of ‘Miss Caribbean Culture Queen Pageant’ and she is the only person from Nevis to have won that title thus far.

In addition to the Miss Culture Queen Pageant, Jeffers recently organized the first Miss Sapphire Pageant at his establishment LIME Beach Bar. He indicated that the event was a success and was won by a pageant veteran, Miss Sidamo Jones.

Jeffers said he is pleased to be able to make a contribution to the island he loves so dearly.

He noted that the success he has had as a businessman would not have been possible without the nurturing he received from Llewellyn Caines also known as ‘Sunshine’. He indicated that he is forever grateful for the opportunity Sunshine gave him as a young man to serve in the capacity he did. Jeffers noted that he was grateful to the many persons who have encouraged him to purse his dreams.

He also used the opportunity to express his sincerest gratitude to all of his patrons, supporters, family and friends and has pledged to do all in his power to contribute to Nevis in whatever manner he can.

The LIME Beach Bar and Grill, is opened on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays for lunch, dinner and entertainment. The menu consists of a variety of fresh local seafood and produce. On Fridays, the LIME Beach Bar is alive with local music and entertainment. This has become the hot liming spot for locals and visitors alike on that night.
Nevispages congratulates Mr. Randy Jeffers as one of Nevispages’ ‘Person of the Year 2014’.

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