Newtown Stroll into Women’s League Finals

SKNFA: Press Release
Fresh off their success in the Women’s FA Cup the S-Krave Newtown United Women’s team booked their spot in the finals of the Elvis Star Browne Women’s League with a 5-0 victory over Bath United in the semi-finals on Thursday night at the Warner Park.

Bath Team was no match for the Newtown women.

Their goalkeeper was limping for most of the match before she was replaced late in the game. Newtown closed the half at 3-0 with goals from Zonia Marshall and Christi-Ann Mills.

The match was broadcast live on the SKNFA Website.


Scoring for Newtown Utd
Christi-Ann Mills 2 goals – 12th & 15th min
Zonia Marshall 2 goals – 32nd & 53rd min
Siana Leader (Bath Utd) own goal 65th min

At the end of the match, Coach Kevin Welsh of Newtown said they will make some adjustments as they head into the final. “The opponents gave us exactly what we needed to get tonight; to basically prepare ourselves for the next game,” he said.

“We will go back to the training ground and work on the things we could not get done tonight—basically work on some shooting drills,” Welsh added.

Coach Alex Claxton of Bath United praised the efforts of his players and suggested that losing only 5-0 to Newtown was not a bad result.

“To come up against a team like Newtown and concede only five goals is a plus for the team,” Claxton said. The finals will be this Sunday, December 20th at 7 pm.

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