Nine Selected To Compete Against King Dis and Dat

Charlestown-Nevis- A sizeable and enthused crowd was on hand to witness the Culturama calypso semi –finals for 2017.

The event, which was this year dubbed ‘KAISO FIESTA,’ was held on the evening of Saturday 15th July at the newly renovated cultural Village.

Nineteen calypsonians took center stage and competed  for the nine available positions, for the 2017 Calypso finals, to engage the reigning monarch, King Dis and Dat.

The calypso finals is slated for Saturday August 5th, 2017 at 9:00 pm at the Cultural Complex.

The nineteen calypsonians who sang at the Kaiso fiesta and the songs they rendered are as follows:

De Enforcer – Daniel De Great
Baker – A Ya E Day
Pupa Wheela – Tell The Children The Truth
Musing – We Gon Guard De Guards
Wingy – People Talking
Gero – Celebration
Daddy Nature – Sweetest Neatest
Irwin – Walk Away
Charis D – Nobody Doh Love Me
Lady Hammon – Nevis Speaks
West Side – One Federation
Daddy Freshcold – Calypso Gone Missing
Black Hat – Sad Memories
Polo – Poison Pills
Lusman – No More Riot In De Country
Astro – You Are The Music
Adowah – Slider
Hollywood – My Best Guess
Murray – Back To The Family

It was a mixture of seasoned veterans and rookies. Among the notable veteran presenters were Black Hat, Gero and Irwin, who all started singing in the 1970’s and took breaks and then re-entered the arena.

Among the rookies were: Charis D; Lady Hammon and Musing.

The judges would have had a hard task in selecting but at the end of the one round competition, the following nine calypsonians got the nod from the judges, for the big night.


Black Hat

Charis D

Daddy Fresh Cold

Daddy Nature



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