Nineteen nurses successful in Trinidad-Saint Lucia nursing employment initiative

St Lucia GIS Media Release
The three-year program will provide nurses with the experience necessary to become competent health practitioners.

A total of 19 nurses from Saint Lucia have been successful in securing employment in Trinidad and Tobago via the nursing employment initiative, and will meet today to be presented with the documents necessary for their transmission to Trinidad, Program Coordinator Ms. Beverly Felix said Wednesday.

The initiative is geared toward providing Saint Lucian nurses with the experience and clinical prowess necessary to become competent clinicians.

According to Health Minister Hon. Alvina Reynolds, the initiative is “a plan for health” not only for Trinidad, but also for Saint Lucia.

“This is a Caribbean vision,’ she said. “We are sharing knowledge, skills, and experiences. This is an opportunity to work alongside both new and experienced nurses from across the region, from countries like Grenada, St. Vincent and Cuba. There is much to gain.”

Dr. Oscar Ocho, head of the Trinidad delegation said the initiative provides the opportunity for intermingling experiences.

“We are scouting not to destabilize your health system, but because we realize that many Caribbean nurses are looking for greater access to practice the skills based on their specialties,” he said. “This is an indication of your willingness not to leave your country permanently, but to gain some requisite experience that could be translated later on for the further development and expansion of your own heath system.”

Nurses who indicated interest in the initiative were asked to submit applications. Among the criteria, was that all applicants were to be registered with the General Nursing Council via successful completion of the Regional Examination for Nurse Registration (RENR).

All applicants who met the prerequisites were successful, and are due to be relocated within three months.

The nurses expressed gratitude for the initiative which, they said, will be of mutual benefit to both countries.


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