NRP Leader Gives Recommendations to CCM led Administration for laid-off Four Seasons workers

Charlestown, Nevis ( Wednesday, December 12, 2018). -In a message to Nevisians at home and abroad, the Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP), Mr. Robelto Hector said the Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Mark Brantley erred with the handling of the Four Seasons Resort Nevis closure.

“For well over a year we in the Nevis Reformation Party and those on social media have encouraged the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) to demonstrate true leadership by being truthful and transparent with the Nevisian public and the Four Seasons workers,” stated Mr.Hector.

During the House of Assembly meeting on Wednesday, December 5th the Hon. Brantley finally disclosed that the Four Seasons Resort will close from June to September 2019.

The Hon. Brantley also admitted during his presentation that “the management of Four Seasons Resort Nevis erred” with tragic consequences to the value of the Four Season’s brand as they chose to continue operations during Phase 1 of the renovations…a mistake the Four Seasons resort said they would not repeat.

Mr.Hector noted that an elemental error in operations, “could only have occurred because of heavy political pressure for CCM on the eve of the 2017 local election on Nevis”.

He went on to state that the Nevis Reformation Party, “the caring party” urge that the Concerned Citizens Movement led Administration assists all affected workers with the following recommendations:
A 75% discount on water and electricity bills.
Forgiveness of property taxes, renewal fees, and drivers licenses.
75% reduction of import duties exclusive of VAT
D. Suspension of mortgage payments for properties financed by the Nevis land and Housing Corporation
E. Elimination of hospital charges in the event of illness
F. Such persons should immediately qualify for the $500 that is immediately being touted about.

“We (NRP) as a united and thoughtful people must move on from the failed experiment called CCM. It is time to reconnect with the party who know how to bring Peace, Progress, and Prosperity for all. Together we can make a difference,” concluded Mr.Hector.

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