One Professional Commends Another

Hardly in real life do you hear one professional taking time out to commend a fellow professional, on a job well done?
Well, if it is done, it is normally included in a glowing eulogy.
However, earlier this week, Director of Culture in St. Kitts and Sportscaster, Mr. Troy BIF Mills, took time out of his busy schedule to send an emailed commendation to Sportscaster, Curtis Morton Sr, for his efforts in relaying sports news and other stories, over the many years of his committed service to the community.
The email read:
“I must commend you highly for:
1. The consistency with which you produce your “Sports Page”
2. the timeliness of your items
3. The quality of the content (e.g. grammatically, technically etc.)
4. The way you go out of your way to get and research your items
5. Producing appropriate pictures with your stories, and
6. Of course, the longevity.
It is not everyone who does or can do the above, basically day in, day out, and you have been doing this for quite a few years now.

I urge you to continue your fine work, and do maintain the very high standard as per above.

Thank you very much again for including me in your recipient list and congratulations on the excellent job you are doing.

Please do keep it up.

Kindest Regards,

Troy Bif K Mills (Mr.)

Morton noted that he was humbled by the accolade and noted that he will continue to serve the community in this manner for as long as God will allow.
He thanked Mr. Mills for his kind words.

Morton commenced the recording of Sporting activities and reporting on them, since 1989 and later in collaboration with Mr. Carlisle Powell, they came up with the popular TV program, known as ‘Sports Menu.’
Morton is currently employed as the Senior Communications Officer in the Communications Unit of the Ministry of Social Development and is the present Sportscaster for Nevis television.

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