Postal Services Hold Relay

It was all a part of the recent celebrations organized by the Postal Services, in commemoration of their month of activities. A relay race, held on Thursday 8th November.

The athletes gathered in the vicinity of the Taxi stand in Charlestown, at about 2.45 pm and were transported to their various stations.

The relay race commenced at the Four Seasons Resort with six teams represented: Public Works; Labour Department; Inland Revenue Department and Customs; All Stars; Post Office and Physical Planning.

The first baton pass was made at the road at Pinneys, leading to Sunshine’s Bar and Grill; station two was the bottom of the bypass road; three was at the Occasions; four was at the top of Craddock Road; five was at the water tank below Conrad Smithen’s residence; six was next to NTV and then the athletes finished the race in front of the Post office in Charlestown.

At the end of the race, the placements were as follows:

1st place-Labour Department-11:36:26

2nd All Stars-12:53:01

3rd Physical Planning-13:30:72

4th Public Works-15:37:26

5th Inland Revenue and Customs-15:50:34

6th Post Office-23:58: 31

Deputy Post Master General, Mrs. Rhonda Williams, hailed the activity as a success and thanked the participating government Departments and individuals.

She noted that she ran one leg of the race for the Post Office team and found it to be real ‘fun’.

When asked about her placement, she laughingly responded that ‘the race is not for the swift but for those who endure to the end.

I endured to the end,’ she quipped.

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