Press Statement Dated: 13th November, 2019 Re: SKBHCV 2017/0391 Tanzania Tobing Tanzil V Lindsay F.P. Grant and Jonel F.H. Powell

We, the partners of Grant, Powell & Co., Mr. Lindsay Grant (on sabbatical) and Mr. Jonel Powell comprehensively deny all and every allegation of wrong doing in the above cited claim. We continue to vigorously defend this matter and will do so to the full extent of the law.

Lawyer Jonel Powel, Chairman of the People Action Movement (PAM)

The recent judgement in default in this matter is being appealed. As this matter remains in the jurisdiction of the Court it would be inappropriate to make any further statement in the circumstances, save to say that we expect to be fully vindicated at the end of this process.

Grant, Powell & Co. always serves its clients with the highest levels ethics and professionalism in the pursuit of the rule of law and continues to do so

Jonel Powell Managing Partner
Lindsay Grant Senior Partner (on sabbatical)

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