Robust Policing Plan Results In Continued Decrease in Crime

Basseterre, St. Kitts, March 11, 2019 (RSCNPF): The robust policing plan implemented by the Police has resulted in the continued decrease in the number of crimes committed in the Federation for the year so far.

Preliminary crime statistics for 2019 show that January and February have 48% less crimes recorded than during the same months in 2018. Notably, burglaries are down by 68%, there has been a 44% reduction in the number of larcenies reported, and malicious damage cases have decreased by 41%. Overall, according to the preliminary data, there have been 178 less victims of crime for the opening months of the year, than at the same time last year.

Acting Commissioner of Police Hilroy Brandy credits this achievement to the Police Officers who have been executing the recently revised strategy and members of the public who have been assisting the organisation.

“I wish to thank the citizens of our wonderful Federation for their patience and understanding during the times when serious crimes occur. I also want to thank those who encourage us while we strive to eliminate such atrocities. I appreciate the persons who are working with my men and women to ensure that crime in St. Kitts and Nevis is reduced,” the Acting Commissioner said.

The overt presence of officers on the ground and the Police’s modernisation in the use of covert technology has played a huge part in this reduction. Acting Commissioner Brandy assured that the Police would continue to listen to the public, in addition to using intelligence to further disrupt criminal movements as much as possible. Cooperation among security forces and community policing, he noted, are also key elements of the current crime fighting strategy.

“We must recognise the efforts of all who work for the Police, Defence Force and our partner agencies who are patrolling the streets 24/7, answering calls for help and supporting those in need. There are many interventions made on a daily basis because of their actions that people won’t know about. Work is progressing on our Community Policing style of operation that serves all of our citizens, especially those who are vulnerable,” Brandy added. “We are shaping our community policing approach with lectures in every District on the tools and methodology available for officers to reach out to all persons regardless of gender, age, vulnerability, wealth or status. In a federation-wide team effort, together we can continue to reduce and prevent crime in our beautiful islands.”

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