Sagicor Recognizes Single Dads for Fathers’ Day

St Kitts and Nevis: Sagicor recognized the special contribution made by fathers last Father’s Day with videos on their social media platforms and the presentation of tokens to all the fathers on staff.

Additionally, the Organization paid special tribute to client and father Kurvron Wallace who is the father of three-year-old Alexie.

Wallace, who is just 26 years old, balances two jobs while being a full-time Dad to Alexie. Chatting about fatherhood he said, “I focus on the fact that I want to give her better opportunities in life than I had. I also think a lot about what my Grandmother used to say about parenting and children – she would always say, ‘As much as people say having kids is expensive it’s about remembering to stay within your means and not try to keep them in style’.

I try to live that, and I revel in the little things Alexie does to show her love, like when she presses her cheek on mine and hugs me.”

As a token and gift for Father’s Day, Sagicor Life rewarded Kurvron and Alexie with a gift certificate for a meal at Weekends Restaurant in Nevis, which they can utilize when lockdown measures are eased.

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