School Sports Dates 2015

Friday 30th January– 1:00 pm- Maude Smith Pre- School School Grounds
Tuesday 24th February– 12:00 pm- Gingerland Secondary School- St. George’s Recreation Grounds
Wednesday 25th February– 12:00 pm- Charlestown Primary School- ETW Park
Thursday 26th February– 12:00- Charlestown Secondary School- ETW Park
Monday 02nd March– 1:00 pm- Vern ‘N’ Llew Pre-School School Grounds
Tuesday 03rd March– 12:30 pm- Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School School Grounds
Wednesday 04th -12:30 pm St.Thomas’s Primary School- School Grounds
Thursday 05th March– 12:30 -Nevis Academy- Bath Playing Field
Thursday 05th March-12:30 pm- Joycelyn Liburd Primary School- St. George’s Recreation Grounds
Friday 06th March-12:30 pm- Nevis International Secondary- School ETW Park
Friday 06th March– 12:30 pm Ivor Walters Primary School- Brown Hill Recreation Ground
Monday 09th March-12:30 pm- Maude Crosse Preparatory School- ETW Park
Tuesday 10th March– 12:00 pm- St.James Primary School- School Grounds
Tuesday 10th March– 12:30 pm- V & J’s Pre-School Elizabeth Pemberton- Primary School Grounds
Wednesday 11th March-12:00 pm- VOJN Primary School- School Grounds
Thursday 12th March-1:00 pm Naomi’s Nursery and Pre- School- St.Thomas Primary School Grounds
Thursday 12th March-12:30 pm Gingerland Pre- School- School Grounds
Friday 13th March-10:00 am- Montessori Academy- Ramsbury Playing Field
Thursday 19th March-1:00 pm Combermere Pre- School- VOJN School Grounds
Friday 20th March-1:00 pm Inez France Pre- School St.Thomas -School Grounds
Wednesday 25th March-1:00 am Charlestown Pre-School- ETW Park
Wednesday 01st April-11:00 pm- Inter Primary Sports Mini Olympics/ All Primary-ETW Park

NB Dates are subject to change

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