Second Annual Half Island Road Relay Set for October 10th

It’s another collaborative effort between the Fit Wellness Center and the Health Promotions Unit, on Nevis.  Saturday 10th October is the date set for the second annual half-island road relay.

Sheilagh James of the Health Promotions Unit explained that the idea was born out of an initiative launched last year, by the Minister of Health in the Nevis Island Administration, Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams, who effectively launched the Nevis Chapter of the SKN Moves.

MInister Brandy-Williams teamed up with the Health Promotions Unit and the Fit Wellness Center to bring on stream, a host of health-related activities, including the first-ever half-island road relay.  Last year’s event, attracted over 300 persons and the organizers are hoping that the numbers will increase this year.

The walk will maintain the same route as last year:

Starting a Brick kiln, at 5 am sharp, in front of Minister Brandy-Williams’ home; with a first baton pass off in Butlers; then another baton passes off at Fothergills; then another at Market Shop and the final pass off at the entrance to Brown Hill Village and the grand culmination at the Fit Park.  At the Fit Park, there will be cool down exercises and the presentation of awards and certificates.

Emphasis is placed on top sporting personalities to lead out in the event, and all Ministers of Government and Permanent Secretaries, have been issued special invitations.  The organizers are also hoping for major participation from sporting associations and public and private business entities.

The first team to register for this year is the Social Workers In Action and they will receive a special prize.

To register, teams will pay just $25.00 and can contact Sheilagh James at the Health Promotions Unit; David Walwyn at the Fit Wellness Center, or Jamir Claxton at the Sports Department.

Even though the relay itself, will not be coded as a competition, each team will be issued with a baton and the team that comes up with the most decorative baton will win a prize.  Pictures of the decorated baton must be submitted prior to the race day, to

David Walwyn, in encouraging as many persons as possible to register for the event, noted that such events were very helpful to persons maintaining healthy bodies.

“Health is no longer a choice. It is a matter of life and death,” he said.  He also pointed to the fact that, in his experience, the biggest drawback to weight loss, is DIET and the underlying factor is self-value.

Walwyn and James also thanked the many partners and sponsors who are assisting in making the event a success.

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