Single Parents Group Present To Raffle Winners

Charlestown-Nevis-The Single Parents group, coordinated by the Social Services Department in Nevis, held its annual Mother’s day raffle on Thursday 10th May.

The grand draw, took place at the War Memorial, right in the heart of Charlestown, on the afternoon of Thursday 10th May.

The members of the single parents group present and who officiated in the draw were: Coordinator-Mrs. Grace Manners; Miss Lydia Lawrence; Miss Yolanda Smithen and Miss Michelle Freeman- Burke.

After the winning numbers were pulled from a huge box, the winners were declared as follows:

1st prize –A lovely fruit cake, made and presented by Ms. Jacqueline Brookes. This was won by Mr. Roosevelt FELT Daniel

2nd place-Kiarah Wilkin-Lunch for two, sponsored by Lime Beach bar

3rd place-Margaret Wells-Lunch for two, sponsored by Sunshine’s bar and Grill

4th Tamarelle Browne-a perfume set, sponsored by Teresa Cornelius.

In receiving his prize, Mr. Roosevelt Daniel indicated that he will present the cake to his wife and gave the background to his choice of number for the winning ticket.

‘You see, I am a SEVENTH child and each of my children were born, SEVEN years apart and so SEVEN is my favourite number.

I asked for a ticket with the number seven and they did not have any and so I got one with the number 043, which actually adds up to seven,’ he explained.

The other winners were not immediately available to collect their prizes but the Single Parents group indicated that they would be personally delivered to them.


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