St. Kitts Yacht Club Hosts Swimming Competition

St Kitts Yacht Club hosted their 9th Annual 1.9-mile Open Water Peninsula Swim on Sunday, December 4th!

A well-run event that saw swimmers of all ages! Congratulations to all participants and a thank you to the St Kitts Yacht Club and their sponsors for organizing such a great day.

The Bring It Youth Swim Team showed up in their numbers with 15 children swimming and took top spots in their categories. Congratulations to these children and coach James Weekes for this achievement.

Male Under 18:
1st place: Justin Williams
2nd place: Anjua Pemberton
3rd place: Troy Nisbett

Female Under 18:
1st place: Skyla Connor
2nd place: Jazzelle Connor

A special shout out to Clijae Christmas-6 years old-completing the swim!

Congratulations also extended to NASC Swim

Instructor Annelise Leibrandt for winning the Female Over 40 category

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