Statement by the Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP), the Hon. Joseph Parry on the death of Miss Shante Claxton

Greetings to the people of Nevis…

Last weekend, the Nevisian public was stunned by the murder of an innocent school girl in the Jessup’s area. This young teenager was on her way to church, when most young people were in their beds or just stirring, the crime itself is so frightening because the village of Jessup’s is a small and close knit community where the people care and look out for each other.

I know both parents very well and their families too. We all know each other very well. Every person and every family is so upset and the whole island is in a state of shock.

I appeal to all of us to do everything in our power to bring the perpetrators’ to justice. This person must not and cannot go free to commit another wicked and reckless act of this nature in the future; I call on the community to work with the police, to cooperate with the police fully to ensure a speedy apprehension and conviction of this desperate criminal.

I have already visited the family, but I publicly extend condolences to them at this sudden and unexpected loss of their dear and lovely daughter, Shante Claxton. I am aware that words can’t heal their broken hearts nor can words mitigate this heinous act committed against a young child, the parents and the community.

However, I appeal to everyone in Jessup’s and the whole of Nevis to band together in support of the grieving family and let us use this occasion as an opportunity to put aside our differences and single-mindedly seek to look out for each other and take steps to place a greater emphasis and value on the life of our people.

****Here is the YouTube Link of the Hon Joseph Parry statement on the death of Shante Claxton:

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