Swim to Win Initiative Launched

On Sunday, January 19, a very significant ceremony took place at the conference room of the Oualie Beach hotel.

On that day, the Swim to Win initiative was launched.

Chairing the program, was Jamir Claxton, Director of Sports, who warmly welcomed everyone in the sizeable gathering, including top-notch swim coach, Ms. Anne Mclindon.

President of the St. Kitts –Nevis Swimming Federation, Winston Crooke, heartily commended the collaborative effort that made the launch a reality and a success.  He also congratulated the local instructors who have made the best of limited facilities.

International swim coach, Anne Mclindon, thanked those who made her trip possible.  She pointed to the fact that some 17 volunteers showed up to participate in the training and she also thanked the 13 sea and land volunteers, who is assisting with the program. She stated that the goal is to get persons to overcome their fear of the water, move into basic aquatic skills and then move to a competitive level.  She noted that it will be an intense week of training and will be a full year’s program, and advertised the events that will take place during the year.

Minister of Sports, Hon. Eric Evelyn congratulated the organizers and the participants.  He applauded the efforts of his various departments and had special commendation for the Youth and Sports Department.  He stated that his Empire Sports club, hosts an aquatic competition, every year, during Culturama and opined that the swimming program will only serve to enhance that competition.  He then declared the swim to win initiative officially open.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Ms. Terri Andrews.

The sessions, under the guidance of Ms. Mclindon, commenced immediately after the opening ceremony.

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