By:Curtis Morton

The summer camps organized by the Youth and Sports department, are underway.

The annual camps commenced on Monday 10th July 2017 with the Tennis program which will conclude on Friday 14th July 2017.

Tennis Pro at the Four Seasons Resort, David Wilson, warmly welcomed the 22 participants to this year’s program and noted that he was not expecting so many but they will all be taken care of.

He stated that he has been working with the Four Seasons Resort for the past 11 years, on and off island. He pointed out that this was his first hands on experience with the program, and he was looking forward to it. Wilson started as full time Tennis pro at the resort, in April of 2017.

He thanked local Tennis coach Anthony Webbe, for his continued assistance with the program and stated that the children will be taught the basics of the game, which will include fore hand, back hand, serve, volley and some game simulation exercises.

The children over ten years of age were placed with Mr. Webbe, while Mr. Wilson worked with the younger children.

The Youth and Sports department will have camps going throughout the summer vacation and will conclude in August.

Next week, the Four Seasons will also host the annual Golf camp for the entire week.

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