The Breadbasket of the Caribbean

Photo :General Manager, Guyana Marketing Corporation, Ida Sealey-Adams
DPI, Guyana, Thursday, June 13, 2019

Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Immigration of Antigua, Paul Chet Greene

“I want to go on record here in Guyana indicating our appreciation for those Guyanese who have come to Antigua and made it their home and who have and continue to make critical contributions to national advancement and development,” Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Immigration of Antigua, Paul Chet Greene said.

The minister was speaking on the fact that the Caribbean nation has a large population of Guyanese. Citing the comradery between citizens of the two nations, Greene jokingly said, “Any Guyanese you miss in Georgetown you can find them in St. Johns”.

A team from the Guyana Marketing Corporation (GMC) met with the Antiguan Foreign Affairs Minister to discuss the upcoming Guyana Trade Show to be held in Antigua, on July 19th and 20th.

General manager for GMC, Ida Sealey-Adams, in her remarks at the meeting, cited the demand for Guyanese products in Antigua as one of the major reasons for them organizing what is being dubbed ‘Guyana on Show Part 3,’ the 3rd Guyana Trade Show to be held on the Island.

“Guyana has enjoyed a good trading relationship with Antigua over the years. As a matter of fact, Antigua is our fourth largest exporting destination for fresh and Agro-processed products regionally.” Sealey- Adams continued, “Our main products include our sauces, our pepper sauce and as it relates to our fresh commodities the ones that rank very high there are the Pumpkin, Watermelon, eddoes and a few others.”

General Manager, Guyana Marketing Corporation, Ida Sealey-Adams National Authorizing Officer, Trade Coordinator, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Immigration, Antigua, Ambassador Dr. Clarence Henry
Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Immigration of Antigua, Paul Chet Greene
The Trade Show is expected to improve the trade relationship that we have with Antigua while also finding opportunities where we would be able to further expand trading opportunities.

GMC will also be looking to identify buyers that can be used to Market Guyana’s Agricultural Products in Antigua and other neighboring countries.

The corporation continues to receive inquiries from buyers in Antigua and the Guyanese Diaspora regarding the availability of fresh and processed commodities. As such, the Corporation felt the opportunity exists to explore this market interest by hosting a trade show to showcase Guyana’s local products.

Antigua is one of Guyana’s export markets for fresh and agro-processed products in the Caribbean. Over the past four years, exports of fruits and vegetables and agro-processed products were recorded as five hundred fifty-three thousand, seven hundred and seventy-five kilograms (553,775kg) with an annual average export of one hundred and thirty-eight thousand, four hundred and forty-four kilogram (138,444 kg).

In order to make this Trade Show a reality, the Corporation has been working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Guyanese Honorary Consulate in Antigua and Barbuda, Ministry of Business, Go-Invest among other Government and private sector agencies. The Corporation has held meeting with exhibitors and over 30 persons have indicated interest in participating in the event.

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