The Flash Flood Warning for St Kitts Nevis has been discontinued; Motorist however are still advised to be cautious.

Weather Forecast Valid until 8 pm

Tomorrow  Winds:
ENE at 8 – 17mph with higher spells over coastal waters but becoming lighter by tomorrow afternoon.

Seas: Moderate: Heights not exceeding 1.8m or 6ft: Small craft operators and sea bathers should continue to exercise caution.

Weather Forecast for St. Kitts & Nevis:
Synopsis: A deep layered low pressure area will meander over the Leewards tonight and tomorrow. However; the associated moisture levels are forecast to reduce considerably tonight and this will reduce the chance of significant rainfall.

In light of this,the Flash Flood Warning has been discontinued; Motorist however are still advised to be cautious.

Mostly cloudy during evening with a chance of light rain with diminishing clouds and rainfall activity as the night progresses

Partly cloudy to cloudy with brief widely scattered showers.

-Monitor weather conditions.

-Check for rising water levels in the area.

-Tune into radio or TV for emergency instructions.

-Any electrical items stored on low shelves should be moved to higher areas where
water levels will not be expected.

-Double check that important documents have been moved to higher ground.

-Keep your Disaster Survival Kit in an easily accessible location in case you are told to
evacuate immediately.

-Begin to store drinking water in sealable containers.

-Turn off your water, electricity and gas supply at the main switches. Disconnect all electrical devices/appliances.

-Store additional drinking water if needed.

-Do not drive through a flooded road.

-Never play in high water or storm drains, you may get swept away by fast-moving water.

-Avoid swimming in flooded areas as the water often contains bacteria, downed utility lines or chemicals that may cause harm.

-Remember that some devices such as televisions can shock you even after they have been unplugged. Do not touch electrical equipment if you are wet or standing in water.

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