The Speech Room Turns One

Charlestown –Nevis-It was an extremely proud moment, for youthful entrepreneur, Miss Zakiya Thompson, on Friday 10th May.
On that day, her non-traditional styled business endeavour, better known as the SPEECH ROOM, reached the significant milestone of one year in business. She held a customer appreciation day at her office, located at Stone Grove.
Zakiya thanked God for giving her the ability to touch so many lives and thanked her family members and friends who have supported her tremendously towards making her business a success.
She also had warm words of appreciation for her many clients who have afforded her the opportunity to assist them.
She noted that the customer appreciation day, was her way of saying thanks.
Among others giving remarks was her longtime friend, Vinelle Powell, who stated quite boldly, that ‘nontraditional jobs, can work in Nevis.
Minister of Social Development, Hon. Eric Evelyn, was also on hand and he stated quite clearly that ‘Zakiya is the best person for the job’ and wished her God’s speed and every success in her endeavours.
Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Mr. Keith Glasgow, referred to Zakiya as ‘courageous’ and opined that more persons should seek to emulate her.
Miss Lorraine Archibald, in congratulating the young entrepreneur, stated that she is doing a tremendous job and encouraged persons who require speech therapy to utilize the facility.
Oscar ASTRO Browne, in congratulating Zakiya, noted that as a representative of the STEP office, he is thinking of guiding young persons to learn from her and develop an interest in such a useful profession.
Present also and celebrating with Zakiya, were her ever present mom, Miss Michelle Liburd and her aunt , Mrs. Kim Singh.

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