The Way I See It

The way I see it, people ought to be given their flowers while they are living.

Giving honour to people posthumously, is one thing but they are not aware and are not able to appreciate the belated efforts, on our part.

However, when persons are alive and you appreciate their contributions and efforts, that is the ideal time to let them know that what they are doing is truly appreciated.
So, this week, I just want to take time out to extend my appreciation to several persons for their tireless efforts in serving our community.

I want to start with Evered WEBBO Herbert. He has his own unique style of operations and I guess his mantra remains: “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do’ and so I pay tribute to the man himself for his tireless efforts of service in media. VON radio is truly a power house.

There was a time when Choice radio had taken ascendancy but that is when Choice was heard island wide and when three other giants of radio were associated with that radio station: Ali, Wren and Sister C.

During that period, VON radio and WEBBO kept going and once more undoubtedly, they rule the airwaves.

The sterling contributions made in relaying information during the passage of hurricanes are exceptional. How in the world they get it done? Only God knows, because that station and its huge antenna are so close to seaside that they should be the first things that a hurricane would see. However, from Hugo to Maria, VON has been the king and WEBBO apparently does not sleep. His voice is synonymous with the station and as good as the others are, when he is missing– He is truly MISSING!

Ah mean, I had the privilege to be on his morning program a few times and you know what I found truly amazing? When I am downstairs waiting for him to arrive, it’s only a few minutes to 6 am and I am thinking—he is gonna start late today. He gets there a few minutes to 6 am and does his thing and is off and running in time. Then I watched him give his greetings to all of the islands and I am looking for the paper that he must be reading from. The guy has no paper. He is calling all of those islands, in the same order, every morning-from memory.
Well I newa!

While I am at it, I must also pay tribute to his support staff. A good manager, always has a good support staff and then probably the brain behind the whole thing, the man who I understand created everything—Mr. Merrit Herbert. Am so sorry that he is not able to get these accolades personally and I pause to say condolences to the grieving family. However, he was the man who conceptualized the whole thing, in order to give Nevis its first radio station.
Of course, VON radio would not have been VON radio without the services of Albert Myers during his time on earth, so his efforts would always be remembered as well.

Speaking of hurricanes, I must also salute the efforts of Lester Blackett, former Disaster Preparedness chief on Nevis and the current manager, Brian Dyer.
Imagine: When we were battened down in our houses, praying for God’s deliverance, ‘DYES,’ was at the Disaster office, monitoring the storms and sending out updated information.

That’s when a job is taken not just for the salary. Blackett used to do the same thing and even though now retired, you can’t keep him off his computer, as he continues to disseminate information.

And last but not least, I must salute the efforts of Raoul Archibald. He is one of the hardest working individuals on the island. He, along with another guy (can’t remember his name), help to keep Charlestown and its immediate environs, clean.
From my understanding, Raoul can be seen cleaning the town, at all kinds of weird hours, when most people are asleep. As a matter of fact, it is also my understanding that he was the first one to see the blaze when the Treasury building was burnt and made an immediate report to the police station.

All these and many more are heroes-SUNG or UNSUNG and I just wanted to make sure that our appreciation is recorded, while they can still smell the flowers.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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