The Way I See It

The way I see it, sickness not to play with and you can be laughing, happy and healthy one day and the next-or maybe the very same day, you are down and out, literally can’t help yourself.
There is some mysterious virus going around and if you are affected by it, it’s gonna real cramp your style.
Well I newa!
Sometime around Wednesday morning, I woke up, not feeling right. As I went through the course of the day, I started to feel worse.
I suddenly discovered that I had a constant headache; felt nauseous and had diarrhea—what a combination!
I still went to work-managed to record my NTV sports and did some work at the office.
I also went to do a usual radio program but fortunately on that day, I found the studio locked.
I remember that I had received a phone call the previous afternoon about an event someone wanted recorded. I told the individual to call me back, as I was driving at the time. The person never called back and for the life of me, as I racked my brain that morning, I could not recall who had called and what the event was, so I never assigned any of my workers to do it.
So, I was not feeling well and was about to head home, when I got a call: ‘Curtis, you forget us? We ready to start.’
‘Start what-where?’ I don’t normally stutter but I was stuttering. Only to find out that the caller was the one from the previous afternoon, apologizing for not calling back and begging me to please come and record the event.
I could have easily said that I was not feeling well and put the blame back on her for not calling, but being me, I went.
I certainly did not feel well and I knew it even more when I was forced to pull a chair and sit down while recording.
I started to feel nauseous again and soon had to make a rapid exit to find the bathroom and vomited.
Seems like I brought up all my breakfast from that morning.
Feeling a little better, I still went back to complete the recording.
Then I remembered that I was supposed to conduct an interview with one of our beloved seniors, at 11 am. It was a few minutes after and I hustled to her home.
As I got to her house, I felt like I could not get up. I lay back in the seat and virtually dozed off.
When I eventually dragged myself to her front door, she received me with a scolding out of this world:
‘Mr. Morton, time is time-you said 11 o’clock and you just had me here waiting. I was about to lock my gate and go to bed!’
Well I newa!
When she had finished blowing her fury, I politely asked her if I could say something and she gave me permission to speak.
I explained to her that I was not feeling well and that despite that, I had still shown up to do the interview.
She then became apologetic and even recommended several remedies for my malady.
I conducted the interview and went home.
I slept through the afternoon but even though I still felt weak, I went to record a 90th birthday celebration for a senior. I virtually sat through the recording.
On Thursday, I went to record the GSS sports day and I walked with one of my assistants.
Good thing, because I was able to sit out some of it.
Only problem I had was that Myrthlyn, as if trying to keep a show, could only find to say: ‘Mr. Morton, you aint looking well. You look like you got in you BUGAL.’
What an unkind remark, especially due to the fact that she knows that I absolutely do not imbibe.
However, I must say thanks to God. I woke up this morning, feeling much like my old self and food suddenly has taste again. I would not wish that on anybody, whether they call it the TRUMP or TA TA or whatever. I even understand that one preschool alone, had to send home about 20 students who developed diarrhea etc.
May God help us as we strive to stay healthy and may we be more understanding with people when they are not feeling well.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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