The Way I See It

The way I see it, if we were to prepare for the second coming of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, with even a whisper of the energy we exerted in preparing for the visit of Prince Charles and his dear wife, we would certainly be much better off as a society.

The preparation for the visit of the royal couple reached fever pitch last weekend, as the streets and drains were power washed and unsightly areas were hastily rectified.
Certain areas were painted and I even saw some guys working over the Sir Simeon Daniel’s bust, with one of those old time wire brushes. I did not even realize that those things are still in existence.
Well I newa!
Hey, you don’t want to see how the late Honourable gentleman’s face is shining now!

So, when the royal couple arrived on Thursday, certain specially invited persons were allowed to get close. I heard that one gentleman was boasting that he even got to shake Prince Charles’ hand!

Even more specially invited persons were allowed to the reception at Government house; raids were cordoned off and there was a high security detail all around Charlestown.

Even some of us in the media were excluded from getting too close, because some of us were not informed that there was an accreditation period for the event and by the time we learnt of it, the deadline was already past.

So, I stayed my distance, in the vicinity of Bath Hotel and in the rain, while holding a camera in one hand and an umbrella in another, I got some footage of the grand motorcade, as it passed en route to Government house.
The footage was taken to be added to the NTV’s final production.
By the way, those NTV guys were properly accredited. They had received the information in time.
Then after all of the preparations, within an hour or so, the good people were whizzed back to their boat and were gone!
Now, I have no problem with all of the cleanup efforts. That is indeed commendable.

My problem lies in the fact that after the royal couple left, what will happen to us as a people?

Will our attitudes towards care for the environment change for the better?
Will we stop littering our streets and ghauts?
Will we continue to reduce the use of those dangerous plastics?
Or will life go on as it was?

In my day of growing up, we did special things, when we were expecting special visitors:
The wooden floors had to be scrubbed –and when I say scrubbed, I mean SCRUBBED!
The glass and silver Ware which were virtually untouchable all year round, will be brought of the cabinet for the special occasion and you better learn to act PRIM AND PORPER!

When the dignified guest had departed, life retuned to ‘normal’ and the precious glass and silver ware, went back to their museum of rest.

Let us fast forward to another pending visit, by another Prince—The Prince of Peace.
I mean let’s put it into proper perspective—The King of Kings and Lord of Lords!
When Jesus returns the second time, I note with glee and obvious joy, the following:
• The invitation goes out to EVERYONE.
• There will be no need for media accreditation nor coverage—because ‘every eye shall behold him..’

So I think that we should now pay special attention to the reality that Jesus will soon return and we all need to be ready to meet him, because even though the invitation goes out to all and sundry, those who accept the invitation, will live with him for eternity, but those who refuse, will be damned to everlasting destruction.

While we are waiting and because we are truly preparing for him, we would be more kind, loving and caring for our fellowmen and the environment in which we exist.
So, our preparations better start today and better be ongoing on a daily basis.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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