The Way I See It

The way I see it, the devil will always go out of his way to try to try to spoil your day, or even your entire week.

This week was filled with rather bad news, but the fact is, I survived it and to God be the glory, because I recognize the fact that it still could have been worse and I try to remember always that God promised not to give me more than I can bear.

On Wednesday, the ambulance pulled up below me and I later discovered that they had to take my neighbour—that dedicated teacher of so many years, prior to her retirement, Mrs. Gwendolyn Maynard, to the hospital.
I sincerely hope that she will be okay.
Then on Thursday, as I headed off to work, I saw the ambulance again. This time by that wonderful sweet Christian lady-Sister Leontine Clarke.

It was just Sunday last that she received an award from the Gingerland Seventh day Adventist church, for her outstanding and long service to church and community.

I recently conducted an interview with her and at age 96, she was still pretty much alert and collective.
I also sincerely hope that she will be fine as well.

As I got to Brown Pasture, a few minutes later, I noted a gathering at the entrance to the Nevis International Secondary School.
An obvious accident. Seems like one of the bread vans, decided to kiss the back of someone’s much newer looking vehicle.
Have you ever wondered why some of the drivers of the bread vans, always seem to love to bang them up?
Honestly, if you were to focus on the state of some of the bread vans, you may not want to buy the bread.
Well I newa!

However, Thursday morning had started on a really sour note.

I think I spoke to you sometime previously dear readers, about my dog which I named STRAY.

For the benefit of those who are not aware, let me just quickly give a historical review.
Several years ago, I was home in my bed, resting. I was not troubling anybody.
Make it even better, it was raining and to be honest, the best LIE DOWN I can get, is when it’s raining.
It could not stop for all I care.
I became aware of a constant wailing sound but I paid it no mind.

My wife then came to me and said that it sounded like a puppy or dog in distress. She insisted that I should check it out.

I had no intentions of getting up out of my warm bed, to go out in the rain and I held out for some time.
Boy, but you know women—very persistent.

Eventually and VERY reluctantly, I dragged myself from the bed, to go and check out this noise.
I certainly did not enjoy taking all that wet in the process.

I followed the sounds and took the precarious journey down into the center of the nearby Ghaut, where I saw two puppies, all wet and wailing.

My heart reached out to them and I took them up and headed home.
Interestingly, there was this particular one, that kept trying to bite off my hand and I could not understand why it wanted to do that, when I was trying to help him.
Long story short, I chose that same puppy and named him STRAY.
I refused to try anymore fancy names that time.
I remember even naming one of my former dogs CASTRO, because of the concept that was being pedalled at the time, about the former great Cuban leader.

I wanted the dog to become a BAD dog. Well it really did not turn out that way.
So, back to STRAY (I think I strayed there).
The dog became an integral part of our family and we loved him and took care of him.
He in turn, barked at the appropriate times and kept a check on the yard.
There were a few times when I think he was poisoned, but we worked on him and he revived.
In recent times, I realize that he was losing weight, even though he was eating well and drinking his water.

I spoke to an individual at the Vet office and I was told to bring in the dog. There was the possibility of worms and the worm medicine had to be applied based on the weight of the animal.

Well I was thinking about getting the dog to the Vet’s office, but when I went to feed him on Thursday morning, he was lying there, near to his dog house-stiff-stone –dead.
I did not cry, but there was a bit of a lump in my throat.
I had become attached to the dog.
Well I have learnt that in the USA and other countries, the have funeral homes for animals.

They even have specially designed coffins.
Some persons have elaborate funeral services for their beloved animals-even dressing up for the occasion and having a Pastor preach a sermon and someone may even throw in a eulogy.
Well I newa!
Well, did not go through all of that.
I dug a deep hole and buried my beloved STRAY.
He had strayed for the last time…..

Note well, I did not just dump him back into the Ghaut, from whence he came. That is not good nor heathy for person who are so minded.

So now I am in a quandary. I think I need a puppy. Not one of those complex breeds. A regular dog.
Just hoping we can develop a mutual relationship like the one we shared with STRAY.

But like I say, God will not allow for us, more than we can bear and I have come to realize that ‘a bad wind never blows.’

Out of every difficult situation that we may have to face, we may eventually see some resulting good.

So, we just need to be patent and trust God.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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