The Way I See It

A Nevispages weekly feature by Curtis Morton Sr.

The way I see it, some people are in this world to help others and bring relief and joy to their fellow men, while yet others are committed to stir up mischief, strife and mayhem, whenever the opportunity arises.

Before I get into my main discourse for this week, permit me to give an update.  Having written the article seeking help for Jason Campbell, the good news is that, he has received help.

Director of Sports, Jamir Claxton, informed me that he was not aware of the young man’s dilemma until he read my article and having read, he immediately went into action.  Several phone calls later, some things were put in place and Jason himself updated me on his progress at a camp in St. Kitts.  Sadly, he may have to make some adjustments to his bowling action.  I sincerely hope that with the new action, he will still be comfortable and still be able to rip the ball a half-mile across the batsmen.

He thanked me profusely. To God be the glory.

That said, as I indicated recently, it seems like every single week that God allows, people put themselves out of the way, to give me ideas for these articles.

On Monday of this week, I was fortunate enough to receive a call to take two persons on an island tour.  Well, as a professional Taxi driver, that kind of job is the ultimate. It’s the kind of job that every Taxi man hopes for, on a daily basis and so I gladly accepted.  Having completed the tour, we happily parted company and the visitors expressed their pleasure of seeing the island and indicated that they thoroughly enjoyed the tour.

Of course they also left Nevis a little poorer than when they came…..

So, I was on my way home to get some lunch and some well-needed rest. I was not troubling anybody. Then I got this phone call.  It was a really good friend of mine, calling from one of the Government departments.

‘Curtis,’ she indicated, ‘I have a classic for you.’  I listened with interest to what she had to say and I was left to ponder on the biblical text which indicates that ‘the Devil is going about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.’

She stated that an individual had called her office to complain me.  Well I newa!

What was the nature of the complaint?  She had observed me earlier in the day, driving tourists, during Government time!  After she would have stated her case, my friend finally informed her that I no longer worked for Government.  The caller hung up hurriedly.

Now let me make it absolutely clear, that when I worked as the Supervisor of the Communications Unit in the Ministry of Social Development, there were many opportunities to circumvent the system.  My office was in the heart of town and many times I would have been approached by tourists who needed a taxi and there were no taxis immediately available and I called fellow taxi drivers for the jobs.  You can ask Ramie Gumbs.

My commitment was that I was not doing such work on the Government’s time.

I remember one day, there was a cruise ship in and the activity in town got so overwhelming that one official asked me to bring my taxi and help out and I remained adamant that they would have to wait until after the end of the workday.  Her response was: ‘Your boss will understand. You are helping your island.’  I remained firm.

So the caller missed the fact that I had officially resigned from the Public Service in September of last year and thought that she could create some mischief!  I did some investigation and I have since discovered who the culprit is.  The amazing thing about that individual is that during the said tour, that individual asked me for a favour which would have enhanced her business and I told her quite bluntly that she would have to make the approach to the visitors herself.

Now, look at it, dear reader.  If I had consented to her request, the complaint may not have been filed, even if she thought that I was stealing the Government’s time.

Well I newa!

I have learnt that the only proper response to people like that, is to continue to greet them in a friendly manner. Don’t hate them but love them as Jesus would want me to and pray for them.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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