The Way I See It

By:Curtis Morton
The way I see it, customer service is key to the success of any business.
I know It may seem as if I am just ‘HARPING’ on this topic but it seems like every week, somebody gives me reason to remember that this is one area in which we are sadly lacking as a people.

Within the last week, I pulled up at a certain gas station (which will remain unnamed for the purpose of this class) and I parked up at one of the filling pumps and waved to the attendant who was servicing another vehicle at another pump.
There was also another vehicle behind that one and so I turned off my engine and patiently waited.
By the way, the attendant did not even acknowledge my greeting but that is not the bad part.
Having dealt with the two vehicles, another vehicle pulled up and without looking in my direction, he went straight to this other vehicle and spoke to the driver and began to fill the tank.
I watched in amazement and without hesitation, turned my key and moved off.
Now, as I pulled away, he looked back in shock and watched me in disbelief.
Well I newa!
What the young man apparently did not know is that you treat your customers well ALL THE TIME but you treat them even better WHEN THEY HAVE OPTIONS.

I had an option. I was spending money. I was not begging and there was another service station not too far away.
You know how sweet the sound was, when the young lady at this other gas station said: ‘Good afternoon. How can I help you?
My goodness, it made a difference in my day.
Now for those of you who did not get it, simple, little things, mean a lot.
When I pulled in at the service station, even though he was obviously busy, at the first opportunity, the young man should have, for the very least, acknowledged the new customer.
A little ‘good afternoon, I will be with you shortly,’ would have meant so much. Also, even if the guy who came in last was his buddy or maybe he had to race off to the airport to catch the Seaborne or something, he could have just apologized nicely to me and let me know that he would be with me shortly—even if he did not mean it.
When I was telling a young entrepreneur this story, he told me that a lot of people who are employed, act that way because it is not their own business but if they were to own the business, they would act differently.
Now, if that is true, that is so sad.
Employees should realize that each customer contributes in some way to their wage or salary and help to ensure that the business prospers.
Another thing about satisfied customers is that they spread the good news and attract other customers to the business.
Okay, I was only purchasing $60.00 worth of gas but small as that is, it was helping the financial growth of the business.
So this week, I want to use this medium to urge employees in general to be kinder and nicer to their customers. Even simple things like referring to them by name, when you are familiar with them, makes such a huge difference in their lives and would make them look forward to doing business at the same place, over and over again.
Why do you think that when some customers go to some businesses, they ask specifically for certain individuals to serve them? Generally, it is because of the customer care that they would have received in the past.
Citizens and residents, let us improve in our customer service attitudes and make Nevis a happier place.
That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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