Thynel Martin Classics Held

By:Curtis Morton

The Youth and Sports Department hosted the now annual Thynel Martin Classics on Wednesday 14th December.

The cross country event which involves Primary and Secondary school students, is held in honour of former outstanding long distance runner, Thynel Martin, who died in a tragic road accident some years ago.

The races which commenced at the Villa grounds, attracted fair participation and much crowd support.

The top results were:


Grade 1+2:


1st Zane Underwood (MCP)

2nd Kylin Prentice (EPPS)

3rd Kiara Hanley (VOJN)


1st Kymani Newton (CSS)

2nd Aunri Pemberton (EPPS)

3rd Aujon Jeffers (VOJN)


Grade 3-6


1st Taz-Jaune Wilkin (EPPS)

2nd Telisha Walters (CPS)

3rd Francesca Powell (CPS)


1st Romario Morgan (EPPS)

2nd C-Jonte Grifting (CPS)

3rd Shion Boddie (EPPS)




1st Eden Howell (GSS)

2nd Aneila Fyfield (GSS)

3rd T-shari Kelly (GSS)


1st Elijah Calcoud

2nd Kamarley Newton

3rd Devonte Liburd.

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