Traffic Police Press Release

The general public is advised that permission in relation to a request to hold a public march and procession along Church Street, Basseterre, on Wednesday 26 June, 2013, was denied.

Accordingly, anyone found to be in violation of CHAPTER 19.11, The PUBLIC ORDER ACT, as it relates to this matter will be subject to arrest and prosecution for any such violation of the said law.

Particular attention is being drawn to Section 15 of the above mentioned Legislation which states that: “Any person who takes part in a public march or procession: (a) prohibited by section 8 of this Act; (b) in respect of which a permit has not been obtained; or (c) otherwise than in accordance with the conditions of a permit; commits an offence.”

Attention is also drawn to
Section 16 of the Act as it clearly states that “Any person who organises or attempts to organise or incites any person to organise or take part in any public march in contravention of this Part of the Act commits an offence”

The Security Forces stand ready to enforce the Laws of the Federation and law abiding citizens are urged to conduct themselves accordingly.

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