Twenty-Five New CONCAF Grassroots Coaches Certified On Nevis

Director of Sports on Nevis, Jamir Claxton, confirmed on Saturday 4th June that there are twenty-five recently certified Football coaches on the island.
This he said as he revealed that the newly certified coaches are assisting his department in hosting, Football clinics.
These clinics are normally held on Saturdays at the ET Willet Park or at the nearby VILLA grounds.
However, Claxton was quick to point out that in the not too distant future, it is the intention of his department to spread out the coaching sessions across the island.
The program caters for children 6 to 12 years of age and Claxton used the opportunity urge all parents to send their children to the sessions.
On that day, some 60 children participated in the training session and the previous week, there were 85 registered youngsters on hand.
The children are split into various age groups and are taught basic football skills, in accordance with their age, as the activities are all age based or age appropriate.
During the coaching sessions, the children are also taught various lessons in etiquette which will aid in their overall development.

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