Upper Bath Takes Championship Trophy in Thriller

It was always billed to be an intriguing contest.  After all, the series between Upper and Lower Bath were evenly tied up at 2 games – all.  So, on Sunday 9th August both teams showed up early, for the grand finals—and what a game it turned out to be!

At half time, the scoreline was dicely positioned at nil-all, with both goalkeepers already tested to the max and several opportunities going ah begging, on either side of the field.

Upper Bath commenced the second half, like a team on a mission.  An error in the Lower Bath defensive unit saw their goalkeeper being left flat-footed and Upper Bath had secured a crucial lead.

It seemed to be all over by the shouting when not long after, Upper Bath saw another opening and sunk goal number two, home.  Make that 2 goals to nil, in favour of Upper Bath.

Suddenly, the Lower Bath team responded, as if stung by a bee and peppered the Upper Bath goal, on a regular basis.  They say ‘pressure bus pipe,’ and then it happened.  Aljay Newton latched on to a loose ball and sent one home for Lower Bath.  Game on-2 goals to 1.

The Lower Bath men continued to pepper the Upper Bath goal but Hasan Harvey, to his credit, made some super saves and in the interim, the Lower Bath’s star player, Aljay Newton, was giving his walking ticket, with a wave of a red card, by Referee Audain.

The exchanges were fast and furious, up to the final whistle, but Upper Bath managed to hold on to the slim lead, despite a few close shaves.

Final score: upper Bath 2 Lower Bath 1

Goal scorers:
Upper Bath: Jahmaine Bartlette and Kenaicy Dorset
Lower Bath: Aljay Newton.

According to Coach Alex Claxton, there are more exciting things to come, in the not too distant future.

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