Virgil Browne says, “Dialogue is needed with the people, about the proposed pier”

Charlestown, Nevis(Friday, June 23, 2017)- The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) candidate for St. James Parish, Mr. Virgil Browne said,” the people of St. James need to be informed about the building of a new pier in that parish.”

Mr. Browne made the statement, at a packed Town Hall meeting hosted by the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP), in the village of Barnes Ghaut Wednesday night.

“I am not against the pier, in fact I invite an additional pier to come to St. James parish but that area where the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) is planning to have the pier is unsuitable. The proposed area of 1 acre and a house where the new pier is projected to be constructed was bought for an astonishing $4million. The new pier is supposed to be built for an additional $1 million of our tax money,” exclaimed Virgil!

Mr. Browne asked the crowd “Was an Environmental Investigation Assessment (EIA) done? I have not seen one. Was a meeting convened? I have not heard of one. Who are going to be the builders? Are they capable? I must remind you that the CCM have very poor records of building piers. I would like to steer you in the direction of the long point pier where you can not have any boats of any major cruise lines. There is also a jetty in Charlestown that is still not used for the purpose it was built for. The cost overrun of these projects has amassed to over $5 million of Nevis tax dollars.”

According to Virgil, instead of the CCM creating discussions with the people of the area for the proposed pier, the CCM are simply going to do a rush job by starting the pier at the end of this month.

A passionate Virgil concluded, “So many projects under this CCM led Administration has gone unplanned. There is no budget, no EIA, no plan for people to look at and no consideration for the people! Imagine all of this as the (CCM) said, people matter more!”

Meanwhile, the NRP Town Hall sessions are a series of meetings, traveling across the island to put across the plans and policies of NRP and to hear the wants and needs of ALL the residents of Nevis.

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