Basseterre, St. Kitts, August 18, 2016 (SKNIS): The Team Unity Administration has come in for high commendation from citizens who attended Tuesday’s (August 16) “Discussions for Prosperity” town hall meeting in St. Peter’s. 

“I just want to make a commendation, I am so happy with what is happening here this evening.” said one member of the audience.

He further applauded the Team Unity Administration by expressing his appreciation for its methods to promote transparency including the holding of the “Discussions for Prosperity” town hall meetings.

“I am proud of this,” he said, while adding that he was happy to see that the Government was able to connect with the people to keep them abreast of what is taking place in the Federation.

Meanwhile, recognition was given to the Honourable Eugene Hamilton and Honourable Senator Wendy Phipps for the hard work that was done at the Joseph Nathaniel France (JNF) hospital in Basseterre and the Mary Charles Hospital in Molineux.

“I want to thank Minister Eugene Hamilton and Senator Wendy Phipps for their hard work at the JNF Hospital and the upgrade of Mary Charles Hospital,” one person said.

Another national lauded Team Unity on its efforts to unify the Federation.  He then made reference to the previous Government, highlighting the attempts that it has made to undermine unity.

“Do you remember a man telling you that unity cannot work and then the following week he signed an act with NRP (Nevis Reformation Party) in Nevis? Those things happened under the former regime,” he said.

Another person commended the Team Unity Administration for hosting such an important event and for its ardent determination towards the eradication of the high level of crime within the Federation.

“I think this meeting is going good; it is good to hear of the passion that the Government has as it relates to crime,” he said.

Another person advised the Government that it should not make the mistakes of the former Douglas Administration. Some shared their disgust about how the Citizenship-by-Investment Programme was mismanaged by the Douglas Administration resulting in the revocation of visa-free travel to Canada and the imposition of a FinCEN advisory from the US Treasury Department.

“I did everything possible to get a visa on Saturday, but unfortunately I was not able to, even with the assistance of persons within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” said one man, who was not able to travel to Canada to his aunt’s funeral recently. “Citizens are suffering because of the removal of the vis-free access to Canada.”

Another man shared his concerns with respect to the FinCEN advisory and pleaded with the Government to work tirelessly to have it removed because of the negative repercussions it carries for the Federation.

Another citizen said “I welcome each and every one of you to Unity Country. We have a different perspective,” while thanking the Government for its hard work.

“You are doing a good job,” said another. “I don’t build to mash up.”

A staunch supporter of the Unity concept said that “despite the propaganda going around that Team Unity is breaking up” Team Unity is strong and going. “See them here tonight,” he said.

“I thank my colleagues from Nevis, the Premier and Deputy Premier for showing solidarity with Team Unity,” he added.

“My Government, I want to thank you all for not bending the rules to suit those opportunists who jumped on the bandwagon and claimed that they voted for Unity but because of their greed (and their selfish demands), they are scandalizing the Government’s name on Facebook,” he further added.

Several other members of the audience heaped praise on the Team Unity Administration, applauding its new approach, transparency and perspectives to the matters at hand, as well as giving their suggestions and constructive criticisms to help the Federation be a better place for all.

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