Anguilla’s Macwhirr Lewis Wins Mr. Physique Show

Charlestown-Nevis-As part of Caribbean Wellness Week, The Fit Wellness Center, under the direction of Mr. David Walwyn, hosted the Mr. Physique Show, at the Fit Park on Sunday 9th September.

Macwhirr Lewis-Winner -Mr. Physique

The men’s physique competitors were required to present an athletic, symmetrical, and fit physique.

Athletes should have demonstrated overall conditioning and symmetry to the body with defined muscled bellies. Excessive muscularity would have been scored down.
Athletes were required not to cross the line into the bodybuilding look.

It was a three rounds contest and the judges were able to look closely at the competitors, following this criteria:

Round (1): Comparison/Introductory round
This was just an ice breaker, non-judging, introductory round. Contestants were required to walk on stage as their name was called in board shorts, barefoot and shirt of choice. Shorts had to be above the knee in length and could be one inch below the belly button.

Round (2): Presentation
Competitors were required to walk to the center of the stage alone and perform quarter turns with optional pose of hand on hip or hand in pocket, finish facing as directed, then proceed to the stage off the side.
Judges were looking for the participants with the best body symmetry, body contour and leanness.

Round (3): Comparison
The competitors were brought back out in group and directed to do quarter turns. Judges had the opportunity to compare against each other in quarter
Judges were looking for the contestant with the best stage presence and poise, who could successfully convey his personality to the audience and stand out.
A fair sized crowd was on hand to witness the event.
In the final analysis the judges’’ pronouncements were as follows:

(1st) Mr. Macwhirr Lewis (Anguilla) 89 points

(2nd) Abel Guevara Ulloa (Cuba) 78 points

(3rd) Wingrove Francis (St. Kitts) 57 points

(4th) David Arias (Medical Student)

(5th) Dera Nwosu (United States)

(6th) Dwayne Williams (St. Kitts)

Mr. Lewis walked away with the grand trophy and $1,000.00 US dollars and was definitely a crowd favourite.

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