Today is April 3rd 2019. It is D-day.
It is arguably the most anticipated day on the calendar of events for the general public in Nevis.
It is the day of the Gulf Insurance Interprimary Athletic meet.
It is the day for the MINI OLYMPICS!
All of the Primary schools have been hyped for some time now.
Nevis Academy as the new kids on the block are insisting that they are not just coming out to participate. They are coming out to COMPETE—and watch it, they are confident that they walk away with some medals as well.
Former champs, IWPS has a brief but menacing message: ‘RUN DEM-DONE DEM!’
VOJN has improved steadily over the last three years. Their message is simple: ‘We are small but we tallawah!’
EPPS is confident that they are going to make it 9 in a row as B zone champions. As a matter of fact, they have added Leewards cricketing allrounder Jeremiah Louis to their coaching staff and so they mean it too.
JLPS who were initially declared joint champions last year, amidst serious controversy, are saying that there will be no controversy this year.
‘JLPS-push forward!’
St. James’ Primary, even though the school has the smallest roll, are saying: “We are champions and champions don’t quit!’
St. Thomas’ Primary thinks that this year they have as good a chance as any. As a matter of fact, they are going to the MONDO, to MASH DEM UP!
And what about Maude Cross Prep?
Well, they are sending an eerie message: “We go haunt dem!’
Champion school, Charlestown Primary is indicating that they are fearless.
‘Who is the best?’
The resounding response comes back: “CPS!!”
What about the supporters?
They are taking this thing more seriously than their politics.
Speaking of politics, it is the one time in the year when persons of opposing political parties, will be standing or sitting shoulder to shoulder, supporting and screaming for the same school and the same athletes!
Shelly has been wearing her orange for the last two weeks. Sylvester will be donning his green.
Persons have been driving around town with the various colours on the vehicles.
Fanny’s is virtually sold out. Swannie’s was open until late last night. The hairdressers and barbers were working overtime.
The vendors were cooking up a storm since early this morning.
Everybody will be trying to sell a Johnny cake, a sugar cake or a piece of chicken on the big day.
All of the noise and hullabaloo comes down to this one day.
By 8 pm this evening, some school or other will be celebrating.
Some body or bodies may even shed a few tears.
There may be some more celebrations tomorrow and then HUSH!
It’s all over.
There is silence….
Well, until next year again!

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