Contestant Number 5 drops out of Culturama 40 Ms Culture Queen Pageant

Culturama Secretariat
14 July, 2014

The Culturama Committee has been advised by Ms. Cacella Claxton that she no longer wishes to participate in the Ms. Culture Queen Contest 2014. Ms. Claxton, will revisit the opportunity to compete at a later date if she so chooses.

We are saddened by Miss Claxton’s decision to part company with the other contestants who over the last few weeks have forged a bond through their common pursuit. The Committee empathizes with the level of anxiety that Ms Claxton must have no doubt experienced prior to announcing her decision to withdraw from this year’s show.

The Committee thanks Ms Claxton for having stepped forward in the first place as a contestant and wishes her the very best in all her future endeavors. The Committee also apologizes to Ms Claxton’s sponsor, Lime, and assures Lime and other sponsors that Culturama 40 promises to be the best ever.

We invite you to come out and support our five lovely contestants on August 2nd at the Cultural complex as they vie for the coveted crown of Miss Culture 2014 and drive away in a brand new car.

This is Culturama 40 and we are days away from launching the Caribbean’s greatest summer lime. Come out and enjoy the experience as the streets of Nevis explode with culture, folklore and pageantry for this our 40th anniversary.

Remember its revelry, splendour and creativity for Culturama 40.


Mervin Hanley
Press Secretary
Nevis Island Administration- On behalf of Culturama Committee

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