EPPS Second Annual Relay Festival Deemed a Success

Former Coach at the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary School, Adelvin Phillip, has deemed the second annual Relay festival, hosted by that school, as a success.  Phillip was speaking after the meet concluded on Friday, January 17, 2019, at the Nevis Athletics Stadium, aka the MONDO track.

The meet involved participation by all of the Primary schools on the island, except for the Nevis Academy, which was unavoidably absent.

Despite a late start, the meet, which attracted a fair-sized gathering, went along at a smooth pace and a number of the races proved to be really exciting, as the athletes gave it their all.

The races included the 4X200; 4X150; 4X400; 4X100 meters and a non-athletes match up, which featured some of the students who are not normally considered to be top athletes.

Sadly, a much promoted race between the coaches of the various schools did not materialize.

It was a child-friendly activity and so there was no declared winner on the day and all of the athletes were due to receive participation trophies.

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