Nevispages salutes Mr. Llewellyn ‘Sunshine’ Caines as one of its ‘Persons of the year 2014’

Nevispages is pleased to salute Mr. Llewelyn ‘Sunshine’ Caines as one of Nevispages’ ‘Persons of the Year 2014’.

Mr. Caines is the Manager and owner of the world famous Sunshine’s Beach Bar and Grill, and has evolved into the one of the foremost tourism ambassadors of the island.

His visionary skills, his love for food, people and his welcoming attitude has caused him to be well-known around the world. In fact many persons, who have never visited the lovely island of Nevis, have heard about its lavishing beaches and its most popular beach bar, ‘Sunshine’s’.

It all began for Mr. Caines some twenty years ago when he provided a small catering service on Pinney’s Beach for the constructing workers who were at the time renovating Four Seasons that was destroyed by Hurricane Luis. The industrious Sunshine then began to set up barbeque grills on the beach to serve fresh seafood to the hungry beachgoers. Soon thereafter, he began adding chairs for guests and eventually built a structure to provide shade from the blazing Caribbean sun. This setting soon became the popular liming spot for local and tourists alike.

The beach bar is located about 150 feet away from Nevis’ blue waters. It sits in a position that one has unobstructed vistas of the ocean, the sister island St. Kitts, and Nevis 3232 feet mountain, Nevis Peak. The bar has been blown down about five times by hurricanes and destroyed twice by fire. Today the bar has been rebuilt as a multi-colored wooden structure that is adorned with memorable pictures of people and flags from all around the world.

The numerous images that cover the wooden structure of Sunshine’s Beach Bar and Grill are a story unto themselves. There are images from famous celebrities to family portrays, wedding pictures and also images of well-known Nevisians. Some of the most popular celebrities who visited Sunshine’s and have tasted his delicious rum punch ‘Killer Bee’ include Jay Z, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Bobby Brown, Whitney Houston, Bill Clinton, Eddy Murphy and the list goes on and on.

Sunshine’s has been the most prominent tourist attraction in Nevis for over 15 years and his famous rum punch and his delicious food has contributed to this factor. Sunshine usually converse with his guests about any and everything but when asked the ingredients to his popular rum punch, he would always give a slick smile and say, “first there’s sum rum, then some fruit juice, then some rum again and I end it with nutmeg”.

The ‘Killer Bee’ was invented in 1995 when it was named the winner for the best rum cocktail on the island. Since then it has been Sunshine’s signature drink that everyone loves and craves. It has also been named as the best rum punch in the Caribbean. According to him, the ‘Killer Bee’ keeps everyone buzzing.

Sunshine’s popularity has earned him the distinction of having his face in numerous magazines, websites and TV shows, including the popular Caribbean music channel, ‘Tempo’.

His passion and love for his work has grown tremendously over the years and it has caused him to be known as a Tourism Ambassador for Nevis. ‘Sunshine’ says it’s simple, “treat people like you would like to be treated, serve good food, provide good service and most importantly make people feel like they are at home”.

When asked about his plans going forward into the New Year, and beyond, Sunshine has indicated that he would just continue doing what he is doing. He will continue to treat his guests special whether they are locals or tourists.

However, Sunshine’s explains that his biggest disappointment is the lack of interest by the Nevis Island Administration in keeping the beach clean. He indicated to this media house that he would love to have persons stationed on the beach to keep it clean at all times.

In closing Sunshine thanked his hard working staff and all his patrons who visit and support him and his popular beach bar. He wanted everyone to note, especially visitors to the island that no visit is complete without making a stop at Sunshine’s Beach Bar and Grill.

Sunshine’s Beach Bar and Grill is opened seven days a week for lunch, dinner, dancing and drinking from 11:00 a.m. until. His menu consists of a variety of tasty barbeque dishes including fresh local lobster, shrimp, conch, fish, chicken and ribs. Sunshine also makes delicious salads utilizing the bounty of vegetables and fruits grown right here on Nevis.

Nevispages congratulates Mr. Llewellyn ‘Sunshine’ Caines as one of Nevispages’ ‘Person of the Year 2014’.

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