Photo Gallery: Poetry with Fashion and Song- A Black History Celebration

Black History Month is a season devoted to remembering the people who made priceless contributions to our nation’s history. Celebrating provides an opportunity to highlight the best of black history and culture, “from whence we came”.

Therefore, it was only fitting to have an event such as “Poetry with Fashion and Song, A Black History Celebration.” It was held on Saturday, 23rd February, 2019. Chosen for the venue was the historic St. Thomas’ Anglican Old School, which added to the significant cultural theme. This event was held by the Department of Community Development in collaboration with the St. Thomas’ Festival Committee. It was quite a success, with a good turnout and even better reviews.

The event organizer was Community Development Officer of St. Thomas’ Parish, Ms. Denesia Smithen. The esteemed MCs were Mr. Chesley Manners and Mr. Curtis Morton, who did a splendid job of hosting the event.

The evening’s proceedings started with a prayer followed by the Black National Anthem performed by a trio of singers from the community. They also sang “Oh Freedom.’

The crowd experienced the captivating and riveting poems recited from poets such as James Galloway, Clayton Huggins, Hanzel Manners, Stanhope Richardson, Lydia Claxton, Creus Richardson and even a young poet, Mikhail Meloney. Examples of poems recited were “Rise Up” by Stanhope Richards and “Mountains of the Moon” by James Galloway.

The St. Thomas’ Primary School offered various items including a medley of songs, the Lancer dance and Mama Africa dance.

Other items included solo items from Ms. STT Fest Queen Sidondre Flemming, Deseree Parry and Mrs. Janette Meloney.

The African fashion segments comprised of modelling, with various pieces from Camille’s Sewing Studio. Camille is a French fashion designer who is currently residing in Nevis. Our models included Sidondre Flemming, Jamilah Clarke, Shania Jeffers, Laquanda Cornelius and Witty Hamilton. The evening’s proceedings ended with Ras Bhingy on the drums with the vibrant sounds of his music. You can find Camille on facebook.

The keyboardist for the evening was Mr. Jack Ngumbah, who played beautifully on the piano. Our DJ/musician was Jason Richardson who skillfully carried out the evening’s entertainment with his selections.

The event’s proceedings will go towards St. Thomas’ Festival 2019.

Thank you for all who came out and supported.


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