Press Release issued by Constituents of West Basseterre who are members of the Labour Branch


The West Basseterre Branch of the St Kitts Nevis Labour Party hereby confirms that the recent Press Release dated 5th February, 2013 emanated from the Labour Party Branch of West Basseterre.

The press release made NO representations on behalf of the West Basseterre Executive. We therefore fervently refute the statement that “a group of persons [are] describing themselves as the Executive of the West Basseterre Labour Party Branch”, as asserted in the press release issued on behalf of the Honourable Sam T. Condor and his Executive dated 6th February 2013.

We are a majority and we have a right to speak, we don’t need an Executive to speak for us. Therefore, we openly challenge Mr Condor to prove his claim that he has the majority support of his constituents.

Mr Condor came to the constituents of West Basseterre and solicited our votes. We voted for him because he was aligned with the Labour Party. We trusted him to implement and follow the policies and programs of the Labour Party and the Labour Government. He has since departed from that and has indicated that he will be running independently in the next general election. Anyone who is running independently IS NOT a Labour. Hence, he has left us.

Mr. Condor has colluded with the leader of PAM, Mr. Shawn Richards, in bringing legal action against our Labour Government.

Mr. Condor has every right to align himself with the leadership of PAM if he so desires but that being the situation HE CAN NO LONGER REPRESENT US.

We reiterate that Mr. Condor:

• Recently embarked upon a course of conduct whereby his actions are designed to destabilize and undermine the Labour Government
• Holds views that are not the views of the majority of the constituents of constituency No. 3
• Abandoned the people of Constituency No. 3 and the Party

In light of the foregoing, we are once again demanding that Mr. Condor immediately tenders his resignation as a member of the Party and as the elected representative of Constituency No. 3.

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