Saluting Aalyah Caines, Remarkable Teen in Leadership and Dance 2013

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, SEPTEMBER 10TH 2014 (CUOPM) – Aalyah Caines, is an active and confident young lady.

Aalyah is resolved to incorporate a positive attitude into every leadership opportunity that she is given. Aalyah was voted as her class representative for two consecutive years and currently holds that position at the Charlestown Secondary School.

“That showed me that my peers had confidence in me and it pushed me to keep taking the initiative when I notice that there are things that need to be done,” Aalyah said.

Aalyah has always been active in her community, dancing for numerous productions and concerts. Her dancing has been elevated by her involvement in karate and her purple belt skills are used to strengthen her dance techniques.

When Aaylah is not dancing she can be found volunteering with various groups. She was a member of the Sunshine Choir and is currently a member of the Girls Guides.

Aalyah believes that it is important to focus on all areas of life and so she has remained an honour roll student since Primary School. This attention to detail and focus has also been extended to pageantry. In 2009 she won the title Miss Talented Youth in the Mr and Miss Talented Youth Pageant.

More recently Aalyah was awarded the Youth of Excellence Award for Performing Arts.

Aalyah wishes that youth across the Federation will develop the habit of taking every opportunity seriously. “Don’t take things for granted. Focus, manage your time and think for yourself, that is the only way to get tasks done,” Aalyah said with fervour.

Aalyah Caines is a 16 year old of the Charlestown Secondary School and receives the remarkable teen’s award in the areas of leadership and dance.

*The Opposition members boycotted the ceremony to honour the teens

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